Waahi Releases

New Waahi releases are generally timed to sequence after Esri Web AppBuilder releases, so that you can be sure Waahi is always integrated and fully tested against the current Esri platform.

See the details of our latest release and past releases below.

Latest Waahi Release (August 2020)

Enhancements in this release
· Overall performance improvements [#17739]
· Share Plus widget integrated with Layer List Plus widget: All nodes are restored to correct state even when parent group layer is off [#17860].

Issues addressed in this release
· Results widget: Custom Attribute Display – workflow improved when there are multiple clicks on the map before the first has loaded [#17456]
· Search Plus widget: Searching with Geocoding services not working as expected [#17771].

Browser Support
· Support for Internet Explorer has been deprecated in alignment with Esri’s Web AppBuilder supported browsers.

Known Issues
· Data Export widget and Export Graphics functionality – services is not currently working and needs to be upgraded to make use of
· ArcGIS Pro like the Print services now does.
· Print Plus – the legend in map layouts shows Selections and Drawings on the map as “Override 1”, “Override 2” etc.
· Search Plus – Wildcard searching on coded value domain fields isn’t currently supported.

Version acceptance
· ArcGIS Enterprise Version 10.7.1
· Web AppBuilder 2.16

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