Waahi Releases

New Waahi releases are generally timed to sequence after Esri Web AppBuilder releases, so that you can be sure Waahi is always integrated and fully tested against the current Esri platform.

See the details of our latest release and past releases below.

Latest Waahi Release (July 2019)

Save and Open Graphics

During configuration, admin can add Save and Open buttons to the drawing list of the Draw & Measure widget (this requires a custom geoprocessing service to also be deployed). There is some help text for the user when opening .json in another window. This won’t download as a file by default, the user must save the page (CTRL + S) to save a file to disk.
To add drawings to the map that has been saved on the device, the Open button is clicked, and the user navigates and points to the saved .JSON file on the device.

Domain Values in the Results widget

The Results widget is now able to show coded domain values.

Trigger an ‘Identify’ action using Search result geometry

The admin can set the Search widget configuration to trigger an Identify action on the map based on the Search result geometry. This queries visible map layers/ features that spatially intersect the result geometry.

Attachments in Results widget

Attachments of features can now be displayed in Results, either as image thumbnails or links.

Layer List widget metadata pop-up

Layer metadata pop-up is available for administrators to configure (as an alternative to the normal layer description option).

Draw & Measure Labels can be removed from map

The measurement labels of drawings can now be deleted by right clicking on the label and choosing ‘Delete’. The labels are also deleted with a drawing when the drawing is removed from the map.

Web AppBuilder 2.12 Release

Waahi has been tested and verified against the latest Web AppBuilder from Esri (2.12).

Issues Addressed in This Release

  • Select widget: Add to current results [#11869].
  • Address results did not show in Select by Geometry query [#02552]
  • Search Admin configuration now applied: Searching and hovering over results in dropdown menu now flash the result on map [#02553]
  • When using an app with no Results Widget, Isolink plugins were causing errors [#02275].

Version acceptance

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Version 10.7
  • Web AppBuilder 2.12

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