Waahi Releases

New Waahi releases are generally timed to sequence after Esri Web AppBuilder releases, so that you can be sure Waahi is always integrated and fully tested against the current Esri platform.

See the details of our latest release and past releases below.

Latest Waahi Release (November 2019)

 Issues Addressed in This Release

  • Isolink and Results widget Integration [#15046]

IsoLink query results are now displayed in the Results widget.  The Results widget shows all returns, together with related data that can be cycled through.

  • Draw and Measure widget – Fixed continuous loading of the preview for point drawings [#14630]
  • Positioning the Scalebar widget behind the Coordinate Plus widget [#14288].

This is so that the Scalebar widget does not obscure the Coordinate plus widget when it is expanded as below.

  • Automatically zoom to the result(s) on the map for Select by Attribute selections [#14175]
  • Share Plus widget – Share using Twitter now prepares a tweet with the link to the app [#14608]

New and enhanced widgets:

  • Results widget: Enhanced presentation of results when more than one layer is concerned [#14611].

When a default layer to show results for wasn’t specified in the widget’s configuration, all layers with results will open in the dropdown menu where you choose what to view first. See how many results there are per layer in the brackets next to the layer name and flip through the layers and their results on the map.

  • Enhanced Select Plus widget workflows [#12781]

Use an existing selection (for example, the Parcels layer selection below) to select features from a different layer (for example, where the Parcels layer selection intersects the road layer below).

  • New Elevation Profile widget [#14643]

Please refer to the Admin Guide for a full description and explanation of this widget.

  • New Google Street View widget [#14699]

Please refer to the Admin Guide for a full description and explanation of this widget.

  • Draw and Measure widget – Dynamically switches between measurement units based on measurement size [#14560]

If the widget is configured to “Automatically Set Unit of Measurement”, linear drawings made on the map will be measured in Meters until a distance greater than 100 meters is reached, then distance is measured in kilometre. Area measurements are done in Square Meters until an Area greater than 10 000 Squared meters is reached, then Area is measured in hectares.

  • Share Plus widget enhancements [#15338]

Links can be shared to the app, which saves the extent of the map, the drawings on the map made using the Draw and Measure widget and any layers turned off and on in the Layer List Plus widget. With the new enhancements, the user decides when to get a link to the app and can now change embed options for the link. Additionally, the user can sign in to their ArcGIS Online or Portal account, which gives them the option to save and name the links generated to a list. From this list, the user can view each link, share it or delete it.

  • Baselined Add Data Plus widget with the Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) Add Data widget [#14696]

This includes minor cosmetic changes in styling from the OOTB widget, minor bug fixes, KML projection validation check and search capabilities for tables.

Version acceptance

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Version 10.7.1
  • Web AppBuilder 2.13

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