Waahi Releases

New Waahi releases are generally timed to sequence after Esri Web AppBuilder releases, so that you can be sure Waahi is always integrated and fully tested against the current Esri platform.

See the details of our latest release and past releases below.

Latest Waahi Release (September 2019)

Draw and Measure Widget Improvements

  • User can show/ hide drawing measurements and change measurement units for all drawing types [#14523]
    If this is specified during WAB admin configuration, the user can choose to either show or hide the measurements of drawings and change the units in which it displays. This functionality was previously only available for the Polygon and Polyline drawing modes. It has now been extended to all other drawing modes available in the Draw and Measure widget, except for the Point and Text drawing modes, which do not have measurements associated with them.
  • All line drawings dynamically update with distance as it’s drawn on the map [#14447]
    When drawing a line, the length is dynamically updated in a text box beside the cursor as it is drawn on the map. This functionality was only working for lines but has now been fully extended for drawing a polyline and freehand polyline as well.
  • Workflow improvement when creating a drawing by Feature [#14642]
    When creating a drawing from a Feature, the widget does not switch to the Drawings List tab automatically after each drawing anymore (which disables the drawing tool). The drawing tool stays active and multiple drawings can be created back to back without the user being interrupted by the widget opening a new workflow.

Issues Addressed in This Release

  • Google+ removed as an option to share with in the Share Plus widget [#14452]
    The Share Plus widget can be used to share the current view of Waahi, including the current map extent and graphics added on the map, in a short URL by using Facebook, Twitter and Email. Google+ as an option in both user and admin interfaces has been removed, since Google+ was shut down.
  • Attachments not showing in Results widget [#14451]
    The Results widget is a centralised point of display showing all results generated by the other widgets, including feature attachments.
  • Clear button in Select Plus widget not always clearing all at once [#14171]
    When clearing a selection made by Feature type, using the “Clear” button now clears the entire selection at once and doesn’t have to be pressed more than once like in some cases previously.
  • Distance and Area units set during configuration is now adhered to by the Draw and Measure widget [#14169]
    Distance and area units can be set by the Admin during WAB configuration for drawings made by the user. These settings are now adhered to by the widget as the default measurement units, instead of defaulting to kilometres for distances and squared kilometres for areas.
  • Default Button style when there’s no settings in Portal [#14435]
    The buttons in all widgets in the Waahi theme looks for Organisation Shared Theme settings in Portal. In the case where no Organisation Shared Theme settings are specified for Buttons, the Waahi Theme has been enhanced and extended into all apps to ensure consistent Button styling.

Version acceptance

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Version 10.7.1
  • Web AppBuilder 2.13

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