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Get Started with Waahi

Getting started with Waahi is easy.

First thing’s first, we’ll work with you to determine exactly what you and your organisation are looking for from Waahi to ensure that its implementation and configuration meets these needs. We can manage the implementation ourselves with input from your key business users, or we can support you to implement and configure it, whatever best suits your resource capacity and capability.

Before any Waahi implementation you’ll need to make sure a few things are in place to ensure you and your systems are ready to go. Take a look at Waahi’s technical requirements, then we can work with you through this preparatory process.

Talk to us

New to Waahi? We’re happy to sit down with you to show you what Waahi can do, answer a question or have a chat.

Request an Enhancement

It would be great to hear some of the things we could build into Waahi that would really add value for you or your team. It might be a new workflow, perhaps you’d like another Esri COTS widget included in the base deployment, or you just want to check something new and cool is on our radar.

Our product team will look at your requested enhancement and be in touch with you to discuss.

Log a Support Ticket

Sometimes, bugs happen. Whether it’s a complex workflow with some stellar edge cases or an integration mis-match, we are keen to hear if there’s something that’s not working quite right for you. Our support team will assess your support ticket and be in touch with you to discuss.

How Can We Help?

The next step is an easy one. Let us know your contact information and what you’d like to chat about, and we’ll be in touch.