Waahi Resources

All our Waahi resources are in one easy place. You can use this information to understand more about how Waahi works, what it is capable of, or to get across the content of our latest release.

What’s New

Waahi is tightly integrated with the Esri Web AppBuilder framework and as a result the releases for Waahi are timed to follow the Web AppBuilder product releases from Esri.

There are at least two major Waahi releases each year (usually during the first quarter and the third quarter) accompanied by other ad-hoc minor releases, as needed (for example because of a new client’s requirement).

See the details of our latest release and past releases below.

User Guide

Waahi is built on the Esri Web AppBuilder framework so a lot about the Viewer’s look and feel, and how the widgets work, may already be familiar to you.

This guide will help you learn more about the custom Waahi widgets and the custom Gallery application along with the core Esri COTS content, and workflows like finding Gallery content, querying features or linking to Enterprise applications.


Deployment Guide

There are three components comprising the deployment and administration of the Waahi solution. The Administrator Guide details the deployment of the Gallery application, the Viewer deployment console which simplifies the process and subsequent release updates and how Waahi utilises the default Web AppBuilder admin tool to enable theme and widget configuration.

This guide helps you understand the administration tools so you can take full advantage all Waahi’s capabilities.

Get Started

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